Tellef Solbakk Raabe

Tellef Solbakk Raabe


Telefon: +47 975 23 451
Akademisk tittel: PhD

I'm interested in media, technology, strategy, and innovation. My PhD from the University of Cambridge explored the newspaper industry's digital and economic transformation using quantitative and qualitative methods, including 125 interviews with media executives. I'm an adept public speaker and often feature in Norwegian media as an expert on media business. I also co-host NHH's podcast on leadership research ('Lederskap') and write a monthly column for Aftenposten.

Research interests:

  • Media business
  • Media policy, regulation, and competition
  • Digitalisation and innovation
  • Leadership and strategy
  • Social theory

Selected publications:

  • Raabe, T. S. (2024) The Norwegian Newspaper Industry in the Digital Age. PhD Thesis. University of Cambridge.
  • Raabe, T. S. (2020) 'Leirbålene slukner', Samtiden, 130(2), pp. 78–85.
  • Raabe, T. S. (2018) 'Slutten på kommentariatets diktatur', Samtiden, 128(4), pp. 104–109.
  • Raabe, T. S. (2018) The Power of Political Commentators in the Age of Social Media. MPhil Dissertation. University of Cambridge.
  • Raabe, T. S., Kopperstad, I. and Gjerding, C. (2017) ‘Transcenderende ledelse’, Magma, 20(2), pp. 69–75.
  • For an overview of other publications, see CRISTIN.

Working papers and conference proceedings:

  • Raabe, T. S. (forthcoming) Newspaper Economics in the Digital Age: How Norway’s Press Combined Print and Digital for Profit.
  • Raabe, T. S. (working title) ‘Digital Success: Business Model Innovation in the Norwegian Newspaper Industry’
  • Raabe, T. S. (working title) ‘Driving or Preventing Change? A Case Study of Media Groups’ Board of Directors’ Role in Strategic Change, Renewal, and Innovation’
  • Raabe, T. S. (working title) ‘Controlled Access: Towards a New Theory of Paywalls’
  • Author 1 and Raabe, T. S. (working title) ‘High-Frequency Attention Trading’
  • Raabe, T. S. (working title) ‘McLunacy Revisited: The Relevance of Marshall McLuhan in the Digital Age’

Research Groups: