Innovation, Strategy and Marketing

The research group covers a wide array of research topics related to digitalization, service innovation, strategy, marketing, organization and leadership. A key component in many of the research projects in the program is how technology and digitalization trigger fundamental changes across industries and markets. The research group aims at helping companies and organizations develop new business models, adapting to a digital world, and increasing the impact of customer-oriented innovations.


  • Digital innovation and sustainable growth
  • Flexible organizations
  • Organizational capacity for radical change and innovation
  • Managing public sector challenges
  • Marketing and Brand Management
  • Business Model Innovations
  • Strategy in Digital Ecosystems
  • Adoption of new technologies
  • Innovations in travelling and tourism
  • Country of Origin effects and International Marketing



Research Director

Professor Helge Thorbjørnsen
Phone: +47 55 95 95 35


Assistant Research Director

Researcher Synnøve Nesse, SNF
Phone: +47 905 55 252


  • Researcher Marius Jones (SNF)
  • Senior Researcher Torstein Nesheim (SNF)
  • Researcher Synnøve Nesse (SNF)
  • Researcher Tellef Solbakk Raabe (SNF)
  • Researcher Christer Andre Flatøy (SNF)
  • Professor Therese Egeland (NHH/SNF)
  • Professor Emeritus Paul Gooderham (NHH/SNF)
  • Professor Leif Egil Hem (NHH/SNF)
  • Professor Nina M. Iversen (Norwegian Business School/SNF)
  • Associate Professor Alexander Jakubanecs (Western Norway University of Applied Sciences/SNF)
  • Professor Arne L. Kalleberg (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill/SNF)
  • Professor Katarina Kaarbøe (NHH/SNF)
  • Associate Professor Nhat Quang Le (Handelshøyskolen BI/SNF)
  • Professor Lasse Lien (NHH/SNF)
  • Professor Christine B. Meyer (NHH/SNF)
  • Professor Karen Modesta Olsen (NHH/SNF)
  • Assistant Professor Vidya Oruganti (NHH/SNF)
  • Programme Director Monica Rydland (NHH Executive/SNF)
  • Associate Professor Tina Saebi (NHH/SNF)
  • Associate Professor Alexander Madsen Sandvik (NHH/SNF)
  • Professor Vidar Schei (NHH/SNF)
  • Professor Hallgeir Sjåstad (NHH/SNF)
  • Professor Inger Stensaker (NHH/SNF)
  • Professor Magne Supphellen (NHH/SNF)
  • Professor Bram Timmermans (NHH/SNF)