About the SNF Foundation

SNF was originally established as a research foundation in 1991.

With effect from 2002, the research activities were transferred to a limited company (SNF AS), in which the SNF Foundation owns 15 per cent of the share capital. The foundation now concentrates on fund management duties. The Foundation's capital is approx. 47 MNOK.

The SNF Foundation shall manage and use the funds in the Fund for Applied Research to support measures that contribute to strengthening the academic competence on which SNF AS's activities are based, thereby furthering the foundation's objective, i.e. that SNF AS shall be a national centre for applied research in the fields of economics and business administration.

The SNF Foundation has a Board of Directors consisting of four members. The members are appointed by SNF's Board (1 member) and NHH’s Board (1 member). The other members are elected from among the associated researchers to SNF AS (1 member) and from among the permanent employees of SNF AS (1 member).

Board of Directors

  • Professor Hans Jarle Kind (Norwegian School of Economics)
  • Professor Natalia Mæhle (Western Norway University of Applied Sciences)
  • Aline Bütikofer (Norwegian School of Economics)
  • Senior Researcher Sturla F. Kvamsdal (SNF)

Guidelines for the Board’s use of the Fund for Applied Research

Guidelines have been adopted for the Board’s use of the Fund for Applied Research. Financial support may be given to:

  • Environment-oriented measures including funding for guest researchers, funding for workshops/conferences, the recruitment of researchers, and funding for strategic efforts
  • Individual-oriented measures including funding for stays abroad (guidelines), and funding for competence development

Researchers and research groups affiliated to SNF are eligible to apply. The Fund allocates up to 1 MNOK per year. Closing dates for applications are February 1, June 1, and October 15. Application form