FAIR Insight Team

The FAIR Insight Team (FIT) works with applied research on work, education, savings and economic development and with partners in both the public and private sector. The overarching theme is related to economic inequality: what are the sources of inequality, to what extent is inequality perceived as unfair, and what can we do to reduce unfair inequality in society? We use an experimental approach to understand behavior and to evaluate measures to change behavior, in the form of randomized field experiments, lab experiments, and studies of policy changes. The research group consists of behavioral economists and labor market economists, and works closely with FAIR, NHH's centre of excellence.

Selected projects

  • MAP-GAP - Management practices and gender gaps: Mechanisms behind the gender gap in career progression
  • Bedre samspill for et inkluderende arbeidsliv
  • Well-schooled for work? School-work and work-school transitions, and the labor market returns to vocational education and training
  • Forskningsbasert evaluering av utprøving av modeller for tilskudd til utstyr i yrkesfag
  • Automated Away? Causes and Consequences of Robots on Jobs and Families 
  • Frafall i høyere utdanning
  • Inequality Acceptance: the role of self-interest, freedom and special obligations
  • Water/Energy conservation and fairness in collective burden sharing 
  • Evaluering av forsøk med forberedende voksenopplæring og modulstrukturert videregående opplæring for voksne
  • Child care for childhood and business development 
  • Kunnskap om kommunikasjon: Fra "best practice" i dag til effektive digitale løsninger i fremtiden

Research Director 

Professor Kjetil Bjorvatn, NHH
Phone: +47 55 95 95 85
E-mail: Kjetil.Bjorvatn@nhh.no


Assistant Research Director

Researcher Astrid O. Ervik, SNF
Phone: +47 55 95 96 13
E-mail: astridoline.ervik@snf.no



  • Researcher Astrid O. Ervik (SNF)
  • Researcher Catalina Franco (SNF)
  • Researcher Arne Nasgowitz (SNF)
  • Postdoctoral Researcher Anna Hochleitner (SNF)
  • Senior Researcher Armando José Garcia Pires (SNF)
  • Professor Aline Bütikofer (NHH/SNF)
  • Professor Alexander Cappelen (NHH/SNF)
  • Associate Professor Mathias Philip Ekström (NHH/SNF)
  • Postdoctoral Researcher Ranveig Falch (NHH/SNF)
  • Professor Sissel Jensen (NHH/SNF)
  • Associate Professor Julian V. Johnsen (University of Bergen/SNF)
  • Professor Katrine Vellesen Løken (NHH/SNF)
  • Professor Kjell Gunnar Salvanes (NHH/SNF)
  • Professor Hallgeir Sjåstad (NHH/SNF)
  • Professor Marit Skivenes (University of Bergen/SNF)
  • Professor Bertil Tungodden (NHH/SNF)
  • Professor Alexander L.P. Willén (NHH/SNF)