Afsaneh Bjorvatn

Afsaneh Bjorvatn

Senior Researcher

Telefon: +47 55 95 97 70
Akademisk tittel: PhD

Research interests

  • Health economics
  • Socioeconomic analysis
  • Econometrics

Selected publications

  • Willingness to Pay for Conditional Automated Driving among Segments of Potential Buyers in Europe (with Skjeret, F., Innamaa, S., Lethonen, E. Malin, F., Nordhoff, S. and Louw, T.)). Journal of Advanced Transportation (2023).
  • Bjorvatn, A., Page, Y., Fahrenkrog, F., et. al (2021). "L3Pilot Deliverable D7.4: Impact Evaluation Results".
  • Nordhoff, S., Beuster, A., Kessel, T., Bjorvatn, A., et. al (2021). "L3Pilot Deliverable 7.1: Annual quantitative survey about user acceptance towards ADAS and vehicle automation Document information".
  • Nordhoff, S., Louw, T., Madigan, R., Lee, Y.M., Innamaa, S., Lehtonen, E., Malin, F., Bjorvatn, A., et. al (2021). "Profiling the Enthusiastic, Neutral, and Sceptical Users of Conditionally Automated Cars in 17 Countries: A Questionnaire Study. Journal of Advanced Transportation.
  • Louw, T., Madigan, R., Lee, Y.M., Nordhoff, S., Lehtonen, E., Innamaa, S., Malin, F., Bjorvatn, A., Merat, N. (2021). "Drivers' Intentions to Use Different Functionalities of Conditionally Automated Cars: A Survey Study of 18,631 Drivers from 17 Countries. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 18(22). DOI: 10.3390/ijerph182212054 
  • Lehtonen, E., Malin, F., Innamaa, S., Nordhoff, S., Louw, T., Bjorvatn, A., Merat, N. (2021). "Are multimodal travellers going to abandon sustainable travel for L3 automated vehicles? Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives, 10, 100380.  
  • Innemaa, S., Aittoniemi, E., Bjorvatn, A., et. al (2020). "L3Pilot Deliverable D3.4: Evaluation Plan".
  • Bjorvatn, A., Magnussen, A.-M. & Wallander, L. (2020). "Law and medical practice: A comparative vignette survey of cardiologists in Norway and Denmark". SAGE Open Medicine, 8: 1-11. DOI: 10.1177/2050312120946215.
  • Metz, B., Rösener, C., Louw, T., Aittoniemi, E., Bjorvatn, A., et. al (2019). "L3Pilot Deliverable D3.3: Evaluation methods".
  • Bjorvatn, A. (2018). "Private or public hospital ownership: Does it really matter?" Social Science & Medicine, 196: 166-174. DOI: 10.1016/j.socscimed.2017.11.038.
  • Bjorvatn, A. (2018). "Sykehuslegers holdninger til økonomiske styringsinstrumenter i spesialisthelsetjenesten" (Hospital physicians' attitudes towards financial management instruments in specialized healthcare services) in Aasen, H.S., Bringedal, B., Bærøe, K. & Magnussen, A.-M. (eds.): Prioritering, styring og likebehandling - Utfordringer i norsk helsetjeneste, Cappelen Damm Akademisk. ISBN 978-82-02-56935-8-PDF.
  • Bjorvatn, A. & Nilssen, E. (2018). "Rettslig regulering og faglig skjønnsutøvelse i prioritering av spesialisthelsetjenester" (Legal Regulation and Professional Discretion in Prioritization of Specialized Health Services). Tidsskrift for Velferdsforskning, 21(1): 18-38.
  • Bjorvatn, A. (2013). "Hospital readmission among elderly patients". European Journal of Health Economics, 14(5): 809-820. DOI: 10.1007/s10198-012-0426-3.
  • Bjorvatn, A. (2012). "Making incentives work. Hospital organization and performance". Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, 40(5): 449-456.
  • Bjorvatn, A. & Ma, A. (2012). "Patient mobility and public hospital waiting time" in "Four essays on health care reforms in Norway". University of Bergen.
  • Bjorvatn,   A. & Kristiansen, F. (2005). "Fondaparinux Sodium Compared with Enoxaparin Sodium: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis". American Journal of Cardiovascular Drugs, 5(2): 121-130.
  • Bjorvatn, A. (2005). "Evaluation of Decentralized Dialysis in Norway – A Cost-Benefit Analysis". Dialysis & Transplant, 685-689.
  • Bjorvatn, A. (2003). "Er desentralisert dialysebehandling lønnsomt?" (Is decentralized dialysis treatment profitable?). Magma, 6(6): 97-105. 
  • Sunnevåg, K.J. & Bjorvatn, A. (2003). "Bruk av markedsbaserte finansieringsmekanismer i helsesektoren" (Use of market-based financing mechanisms in health care sector). Magma, 6(1): 76-91.
  • Sunnevåg, K.J. & Bjorvatn, A. (2000). "Bør frekvenser selges på auksjon?" Magma, 3(4): 31-53.

Selected research projects

  • Hi-Drive: Addressing challenges toward the deployment of higher automation. ( Cofounded by European Union.
  • Piloting Automated Driving on European Roads. ( Cofounded by European Union.
  • Prioritizing health care: Tensions and Interplays between Legal, Political, Economic and Professional Perspectives. Postdoc scholarship at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. Funded by the Research Council of Norway.