FAIR Insight Team


FAIR Insight Team connects FAIR with key stakeholders in society as well as the general public.

FAIR Insight Team (FIT) is responsible for the dissemination of research findings and for the initiation of applied research projects with external partners. FIT is organized as a research program at SNF – Centre for Applied Research at NHH, with the main researchers located at the Department of Economics.


The main communication activities of FIT are:

FAIR Summit: A yearly conference in collaboration with our international partners, IPSP, CEGA, GINI, targeting the research community, politicians, bureaucrats, and other key users of FAIR research.

FAIR Media: Rolling activities communicating FAIR research to a broad audience, by means of newspaper articles, blogs, podcasts, lectures and social media.

FAIR Teaching: The development of teaching material for children and young adults to be used at school.

The FIT team

FAIR Insight Team is headed by Kjetil Bjorvatn, in collaboration with principal associates Aline Bütikofer and Mathias Ekström. In addition, the FIT team consists of a number of researchers employed by SNF, and associated with the research centers FAIR Insights. 

Core Research Team

Kjetil Bjorvatn (Professor, Leader of FAIR Insight Team)
Aline Bütikofer (Associate Professor, NHH)
Mathias Philip Ekström (Assistant Professor, NHH)

Astrid O. Ervik (Researcher, SNF)
Thomas de Haan (Assistant Professor, NHH)

Julian Vedeler Johnsen (Researcher, SNF)
Henning Müller (Assistant Professor, NHH)
Armando José Garcia Pires (Researcher, SNF)
Ingrid Hoem Sjursen (Postdoctoral researcher, SNF)
Hallgeir Sjåstad (Researcher, SNF)