Regnskapsdatabasen - Norwegian Corporate Accounts. Documentation and quality assurance of SNF and NHH's database of accounting and corporate information on Norwegian companies

Type/nr R04/22
Skrevet av Aksel Mjøs and Simon Flatebø Selle
Regnskapsdatabasen - Norwegian Corporate Accounts - is a comprehensive database of research-quality fundamental financial and corporate information on Norwegian companies, financed by Centre for Applied Research at NHH (SNF). Reliable panel data on companies’ characteristics and performance is a necessary condition for empirical research on companies. Norway is in general a well-documented economy with high quality structured and digitally available register data, and this database is based on these sources. By providing standardized population data on financial accounts, as well as a range of corporate and industry variables, we aim to support important research across both private and publicly listed Norwegian firms. The database has firmyear as unit of observation, and all observations include the universally applied Norwegian organizational number orgnr which also allows for merging with other data sources.

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