Enabling Innovation Through an Ecosystem. An Exploratory Case Study

Type/nr R10/20
Skrevet av John Martin Frankendal and Shayan Ghanbarisaied
Moreover, the methodological approach chosen to answer the research objectives is a qualitative case study with an explorative design. A mix centred around both a deductive and inductive approach to theoretical development has been utilized. Furthermore, the main data source has been semi-structured interviews held with eight company representatives at seven different occasions. The interviewees come from the ecosystem facilitator, as well as five project members, who were all relevant in relation to the researched case project of insurance fraud.

The findings showed that innovation was enabled in the context of the ecosystem and the insurance fraud project throughout six different subcategories. The subcategories, related to the innovation, inside the ecosystem consist of access, interface, and incentives. Subsequently, the three categories relevant to innovation inside the project are supporting specialists, entrustment, and neutral organizer. Through these six categories, innovation has been enabled in the researched setting.

Thus, the research show that certain prerequisites could help to enable innovation inside an ecosystem. Incorporating the above-mentioned key success factors can help future innovation initiatives within ecosystems to flourish.
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