Using ISO 26000 to implement a learning and knowledge creating process in two SMEs

Type/nr A26/11
Skrevet av Heidi von Weltzien Høivik

   The target group of this research singles out two companies in Norway belonging to the NCE-Subsea cluster in the Bergen region, who are also objects of a larger research project investigating SMEs’ internationalization strategies and processes.  Most of the companies in the Subsea cluster are medium to small sized companies. Until recently they have not seen or felt the need to make their own understanding or actions regarding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  explicit,  even though knowledge about what CSR –  now often shortened to CR or even SR (Social Responsibility)  - entails may very well already exist in the companies and in the mindset of managers and employees. However, to respond to potential customers’ demands – often coming from the larger oil companies -  SMEs  in the subsea sector are seeking now a way to resolve this  by starting a process within their own organizations, using the new process standard ISO 26000.
For this reason, the central element of our research focus is on describing such processes which embed CSR knowledge in the respective companies as part of an organizational learning and change process. We propose to view the embedding process of CSR/CR as part of a strategic implementation process which is capable of interlinking and interlocking business objectives with human, social and environmental objectives in order to foster a financially and socially responsible business. We aim to link the findings to existing theories and research observations.
This project also seeks to answer the question whether by making CSR knowledge first explicit within each company, whether it will  be possible to make it available for knowledge sharing within the entire cluster without necessarily risking competitive advantages? 




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