The drivers of services on next generation networks

Type/nr R09/10
Skrevet av Leif B. Methlie and Jon Iden

This report is concerned with the drivers of service development on future networks. As telecommunication networks are being transformed into next generation networks, the communication and media landscapes are being reshaped and a wider range of network services is emerging. However, little is known about the drivers of this service development. Based on an interpretive analysis and categorization of data from an earlier Delphi study (Iden and Methlie, 2009), this report investigates what types of drivers 24 experts are considering most significant for service development in this area. This report finds that the markets structure factors, by far, are considered by the experts as most significant, demonstrating the importance of the users for innovation and service development in this area. Another contribution, and as the basis for the categorizing and analyzing of the drivers, this report presents a conceptual categorization framework, which is derived from existing perspectives within organizational economics and the strategic management.

Keywords: Telecommunication, next generation networks, network services, drivers of innovation

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