Global leadership development programs as a means to develop the social capital necessary for knowledge sharing in multinational enterprises

Type/nr A39/10
Skrevet av Bjarne Espedal, Paul Gooderham and Atle Jordahl

This working paper explores if Global Leadership Development programs (GLD programs) can be a vehicle for developing the social capital of Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) and ultimately enhance knowledge sharing across organizational units. Drawing on both qualitative interview and survey data from a Norwegian MNE, we argue that how and to what extent a GLD program can be a means for developing social capital that promotes cross-border knowledge sharing depends on how such a program is designed.  We find one factor crucial for social capital development and knowledge sharing: the GLD program has to be based on an assumption that leadership is a function of the social resources and capabilities that are embedded in heedful and trustful relationships in organizations. Thus, a GLD program that is based on a traditional, individualistic conceptualization of leadership (associated with self-interests) does not lead to development of social capital.

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