Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): A Participatory Approach to Implementing CSR in a Cluster

Type/nr R28/10
Skrevet av Heidi von Weltzien Høivik and Deepthi Shankar

This report is focused on why and how a participatory approach to implement Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in a cluster would be beneficial for Small and Medium-size

d Enterprises (SMEs) in the Norwegian Center of Expertise (NCE) Subsea cluster in Bergen, Norway.
The political and strategic reasons, as well as internal motivation, for SMEs to incorporate CSR into their business strategies are discussed with support from relevant literature.
Furthermore, the report reviews different approaches to incorporating CSR as part of a business strategy and provides examples from the European and Norwegian context.
In conclusion, an action plan is outlined on how a participatory cluster approach can be implemented with the help of ISO 260000.

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