An exploration of Global Leadership Development Programmes of Norwegian MNCs

Type/nr R16/10
Skrevet av Yifei Han and Henriette Linstad

This thesis explores how knowledge-intensive Norwegian MNCs develop Global leadership through the use of Global Leadership Development Programmes (GLDPs). The main case study, Det Norske Veritas, is supplemented by three smaller cases from TTS Marine, Rieber & Søn, and Odfjell. The studies focus on four main themes: 1. How do Norwegian MNCs conceive global leadership?; 2. How do Norwegian MNCs develop their global leaders through GLDPs?; 3. How do Norwegian MNCs link their GLDPs to the strategic knowledge of the company?; and, 4. What are the challenges that Norwegian MNCs face when developing global leaders? Our findings indicate a shared opinion among the MNCs in terms of global integration and broadening their leaders’ global perspective through GLDPs with similar structure and methods. MNCs consider it important to tailor their programs to strategy in order to optimize their GLDP’s outcome. Additionally, several challenges, such as high cost, different expectations and cultural barriers, are identified when developing leaders in a global context.

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