Strive for better yield - Yara AS

Type/nr A10/08
Skrevet av Bjarne Espedal and Atle Jordahl
This case study focuses on Yara International ASA. Yara is a Norwegian multinational chemical company which converts energy and nitrogen from the air into vital products for farmers and industrial customers. The company is the world’s largest supplier of mineral fertilizers, it is a large supplier of gases and nitrogen based chemicals, and it has a strong sales and marketing presence in every part of world. The purpose of this rich case is to examine challenges Hydro / Yara faced, over time, in its growing business, and to analyze how the company rose to these challenges. The purpose is also to explore how and to what extent Yara has developed arenas that facilitate acquiring, sharing, exploiting and using of knowledge within the company -- in order to create value from knowledge and in order to adapt to challenges.
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