An exploratory study of business model design and costumer value in heterogeneous network services

Type/nr R09/08
Skrevet av Per E. Pedersen, Leif B. Methlie and Herbjørn Nysveen
This report presents the results of an exploratory study of two service areas believed to represent important issues in the design of business models and the assessments of customer value in heterogeneous network services. The two areas have been selected in a previously published SNF-report (02/07), and constitute the areas Mobile VoIP and Multi play/Triple play services. The report is written as a deliverable of the SNF-project 6255, Debussy – “Designing Business Models for Customer Value in Heterogeneous Network Services”. The report is written by Per E. Pedersen with Leif B. Methlie and Herbjørn Nysveen being responsible for chapter 3 and Herbjørn Nysveen contributing significantly to chapter 4. Valuable inputs have been provided by the project industry partners being Telenor ASA, Devoteam, Agder Energi and the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority.
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