Structural conditions, business models and customer value in heterogeneous network services – A pre-study of five service areas

Type/nr R02/07
Skrevet av Per E. Pedersen, Leif B. Methlie, Herbjørn Nysveen, Irena Gjerde, Helge Godø, Anders Henten, Rich Ling, Vladimir Oleshchuk and Frank Reichert
This report presents the results of a pre-study of five service areas characterized by heterogeneous network services. The purposes of the report are to offer foundations for deeper analysis of three selected service areas and to suggest an analytical framework for studying these service areas empirically. The results show that the service areas mobile VoIP, multi play and M2M communication services are particularly challenged by problems and opportunities from heterogeneity and interoperability, and that this is likely to affect providers’ business model designs. The report suggests applying a structure- conduct-performance framework for investigating these challenges empirically.
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