A Descriptive Analysis of the Seafood Market in Sweden

Type/nr A02/07
Skrevet av Torbjørn Lorentzen
The background for the paper is the analysis of determinants influencing the Norwegian export of smoked salmon to Sweden. The conditions for export of smoked salmon from Norway have deteriorated after Sweden became a member of the European Union in 1995, due to a 13 % ad valorem import duty on smoked salmon. This paper links the market for smoked salmon to the Swedish fish market in general. The paper describes landings of fish, production of aquatic species, import and export of fish and the development of the consumption of seafood. The analysis shows that the total consumption of fish has stagnated in Sweden, however it is possible to identify differences at product level. The interesting thing is that both import to and export from Sweden are increasing steadily. The per capita consumption of seafood is low, also relative to consumption of meat. There is an unrealized potential for further growth in the Swedish seafood market. A realization of the growth potential is a matter of offensive marketing and not least supplying fish at competitive prices relative to food prices and quality in general.
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