International climate policy - consequences for shipping

Type/nr R82/00
Skrevet av Ottar Mæstad, Annika Jaersen Evensen, Lars Mathiesen and Kristian Olsen
This report summarises the main results from the project Norwegian and international climate policy consequences for shipping. The aim of the project has been to shed light on how climate policies might affect shipping, both from the cost side and from the demand side. The project has been divided into three sub-projects, investigating the consequences of climate policies for 1. Optimal shipping operations and management 2. The competitiveness of shipping relative to land transport 3. The transport demand from the steel industry So far, four publications have resulted from the project: Tilpasninger til CO2 avgift i skipsfartsnæringen, SNF-working paper 29/2000. Klimapolitikkens betydning for konkurransen mellom sjø- og landtransport, SNF-working paper 06/2000. A Steel Industry Model, SNF-report 81/2000. Data for a Steel Industry Model, SNF-working paper 86/2000. This report represents a synthesis of the main results in these publications. In addition, it reports the results from the simulations of the consequences for seaborne transport of climate policies in the steel industry.
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