Trond Bjørndal

Trond Bjørndal

Senior Researcher

Academic title: PhD

Research field

Natural resource economics, specialising in fisheries and aquaculture economics

Selected publications

  • Bjørndal, T., & Guillen, J. (2017). Market integration between wild and farmed species in Spain. Aquaculture Economics & Management, 21(4), 433-451.
  • Bjørndal, T., Pasquine, M., & Nesset, E. (2017). Does geographical clustering pay? Analysis of the Norwegian salted and dried cod industry. I Andersen, J.R., Bjørhusdal, E., Nesse, J.G., Årethun, T. (red.): Immateriell kapital. Fjordantologien 2017, 15, 275-295. Universitetsforlaget.
  • Bjørndal, M. T., Bjørndal, T., & Ekerhovd, N.-A. (2017). Økonomisk analyse av klippfisknæringa. Økonomisk fiskeriforskning: Ledelse, marked, økonomi, 27(1), 1-13.
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