Rasmus Noss Bang

Rasmus Noss Bang


Academic title: PhD

Research interests

  • Natural Resource Economics
  • Agriculture
  • Fisheries
  • Mining
  • Energy

Selected Publications

  • Qu, C., Bang, R.N. (2024). European grid development modeling and analysis: established frameworks, research trends, and future opportunities. Discover Energy, 4, 9.
  • Bang, R., Hansen, B. G., Guajardo, M., Sommerseth, J. K., Flaten, O., & Asheim, L. J. (2024). Conventional or organic cattle farming? Trade-offs between crop yield, livestock capacity, organic premiums, and government payments. Agricultural Systems218, 103991.
  • Bang, R. N., & Steinshamn, S. I. (2024). Beyond age‐structured single‐species management: Optimal harvest selectivity in the face of predator–prey interactions. Natural Resource Modeling, e12393
  • Qu, C. & Bang, R.N. (2023). Metals at the nexus: renewable vs. nuclear energy systems, metal import requirements, and energy security in the European Union. Mineral Economics.
  • Qu, C. & Bang, R.N. (2023). Ride the wind or go nuclear? A private investment analysis. Energy Strategy Reviews, 130.
  • Bang, R.N., Guajardo, M. & Hansen, B.G. (2023). Recent advances in decision support for beef and dairy farming: modeling approaches and opportunities. International Transactions in Operational Research.
  • Bang, R.N. & Trellevik, L.K.L. (2022). Perspectives on exploration and extraction of seafloor massive sulfide deposits in Norwegian waters.  Mineral Economics.
  • Bang, R.N. & Steinshamn, S.I (2022). Endogenous versus Exogenous Natural Mortality and Weight in Bioeconomic Models. Marine Resource Economics, 37(4), 491-514.
  • Bang, R.N. & Trellevik, L.K.L. (2022). Reserve dependent capital efficiency, cross-sector competition, and mineral security considerations in mineral industry transition. Mineral Economics.