Margrethe Aanesen

Margrethe Aanesen

Senior Researcher

Academic title: PhD

Research interests:

  • Management of Marine ecosystem services
  • Cost-Benefit analyses
  • Valuation of non-market goods and services (ecosystem services)

Selected publications:

Abate, T. G., Borger, T., Aanesen, M., Falk-Andersson, J., Wyles, K. & Beaumont, N. (2020). Valuation of Marine Plastic Pollution in the European Arctic: Applying an Integrated Choice and Latent Variable Model to Contingent Valuation, forthcoming in Ecological Economics 

Armstrong, C., Aanesen, M., Sandorf, E. & Rensburg, T.v. (2019). Willingness to pay to protect cold water corals. An economic argument for inclusive ocean governance. Conservation Biology

Dushani, S. N., Amarasinghe, O. & Aanesen, M. (2019). Is the Sri Lankan ecotourism industry threatened by climate change? A case study of Rekawa coastal wetland using contingent visitation approach. Forthcoming in Environment and Development Economics

Beaumont, N. J., Aanesen, M., Austen, M., Börger, T., Clark, J., Cole, M., Hooper, T., Lindeque, P. K., Pascoe, C. & Wyles, K. (2019). Global ecological, social and economic impacts of marine plastic. Marine Pollution Bulletin 142, 189-195,

Aanesen, M. & Mikkelsen, E. (2019). Cost-benefit analysis of aquaculture expansion in Arctic Norway. Aquaculture Economics and Management

Aanesen, M. & Armstrong, C. W. (2019). Trading Off Co-produced Marine Ecosystem Services: Natural Resource Industries Versus Other Use and Non-use Ecosystem Service Values. Frontiers in Marine Science, March 2019,

Aanesen, M., Falk-Andersson, J., Vondolia, K., Navrud, S., Borch, T. & Tinch, D. (2018). Valuing coastal recreation and the visual intrusion from commercial activities in Arctic Norway. Ocean and Coastal Management, 153, 157-167 

Armstrong, C., Kahui, V., Vondolia, G. K., Aanesen, M. & Czajkowski, M. (2017). Use and non-use values in an applied bioeconomic model of fisheries and habitat connections. Marine Resource Economics, 32(4), 351-369

Bui, B. X., Sandorf, E. D. & Aanesen, M. (2017). Informing management strategies for a reserve: Results from a discrete choice experiment survey. Ocean & Coastal Management, 145, 35-43

Sandorf, E., Aanesen, M. & Navrud, S. (2016). Valuing unfamiliar and complex environmental goods: A comparison of valuation workshops and internet panel survey with videos, Ecological Economics, 129, 50-61,  

Aanesen, M. & Armstrong, C. (2016). The political game of European fisheries Management. Environmental and Resource Economics, 63(4), 745-763 

Schmidt, J., Aanesen, M., Klokov, K. & Hausner, V. (2015). Demographic and economic characteristics of Arctic Regions. Polar Geography, 19(4), 35

Msomphora, M. & Aanesen, M. (2015). Is the Catch Quota Management (CQM) Mechanism Attractive to Fishers? A preliminary analysis of the Danish 2011 CQM trial project. Marine Policy 58, 78-87

Aanesen, M., Armstrong, C., Czajkowski, M., Falk-Petersen, J., Hanley, N. & Navrud, S. (2015). Willingness to pay for unfamiliar public goods: preserving cold-water coral in Norway, Ecological Economics 112, 53-67

LaRiviere, J., Czajkowski, M., Hanley, N., Aanesen, M., Falk-Petersen, J. & Tinch, D. (2015). The value of Familiarity: effects of knowledge and objective signals on Willingness to pay for a public good. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management

Aanesen, M., Armstrong, C., Röckmann, C. & Bloomfield, H. W. (2014). What does stakeholder involvement mean for fisheries regulations? Ecology and Society,

Aanesen, M. & Armstrong, C. (2014). The implications of stakeholder involvement in fisheries regulations, Land Economics 90(3), 560-573

Aanesen, M. & Armstrong, C. (2013). Stakeholder influence and optimal regulations: A common agency analysis of fisheries regulations. Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 169(2), 320-338

Aanesen, M., Armstrong, C. & Kahui, V. (2013). Økonomisk verdsetting av havmiljø, Samfunnsøkonomen nr 4, Oslo (Economic valuation of marine ecosystem services, only in Norwegian)

Aanesen, M., Armstrong, C. & van Hoof, L. (2012). The changing environment of fisheries policy in Europe. Marine Policy, 36(5), 1172-1177

Aanesen, M. (2012). Sequential bargaining, external effects of agreement, and public intervention. Journal of Economics, 105(2), 145-160

Aanesen, M., Lotherington, A.L. & Olsen, F. (2011). Smarter elder care? A cost-effectiveness anaysis of implementing technology in elder care. Health Informatics Journal 17(3), 161-172

Aanesen, M., Moilanen, M. & Olsen, F. (2010). Economic gains from electronic message exchange: The importance of procedures. International Journal of Medical Informatics 79, 658-667

Selected current and previous research projects:

Norwegian aquaculture – in the span between domestic social acceptance and foreign market demands (BALANCE). Budget 8,8 NOK, Funded by the Research Council of Norway. Project leader.
Changing uses and values of marine ecosystem services in Norwegian Arctic (MarES). Funded by the Research Council of Norway. Budget 10.8 mill NOK. Project leader.
PrimeFish. Financed by the EU research program Horizon 2020. Budget 8 mill Euro. Leader of task 3.5 in WP3. Project includes 12 partners and 35 researchers.
Non-commercial values attached to marine resources in the coastal zone. Financed by the the Research Council of Norway. Budget 6.2 mill NOK. Project leader. 
Habitat-Fisheries interactions – valuation and bioeconomic modelling of cold-water coral. Financed by the Research Council of Norway. Budget 7.5 mill NOK. Responsible for implementing one stated preference (SP) survey and organize two follow up surveys.  
MEFEPO – making the European Fisheries Ecosystem plans operational. Financed under EU Framework program 7. Budget 6 mill EUR. Responsible for implementing WP3. Project included 10 partners and 25 researchers.
Working in the applied research institute Norut I was the project leader of about 20 larger and smaller Projects.