Industrial Organization, Tax and Regulation

The focus of the research group is on firm strategy in specific markets. The aim of the group is to contribute to the understanding of markets. In industrial organization and regulation that might be to understand how competition works in order to improve firm profitability and design of competition policy and specific market regulation to ensure effective competition and economic efficiency. In taxation this translates into a good understanding of how taxes affect behavior among firms and individuals. The research group covers a wide set of projects within industrial organization, covering several industries such as banking, telecommunications, media, shipping, pharmaceuticals, etc. The research group also covers more general and broader topics in competition policy, taxation and regulation. Principals comprise private companies, public government bodies, the Research Council of Norway and the European Commission. The research group comprises a large group of highly experienced researchers within the fields of industrial organization, tax and regulation, but also talented young researchers with top analytical skills.

Selected projects

  • Hi-Drive - Addressing challenges toward the deployment of higher automation
  • L3 Pilot – Piloting Automated Driving on European Roads
  • Media competition and media policy 
  • Price discrimination in the input market: efficiency enhancing or anti-competitive
  • Between predation and bid rigging: Competition issues in procurement markets 
  • Competition policy and strategy: the interplay between consumers, upstream and downstream market players
  • Industrial organization of legal and illegal cartels: Dynamics in collusion over time and jurisdiction
  • New aspects of competition in media and network markets: Implications for competition policy? 
  • NoCeT - Norwegian Centre for Taxation 

Research Director

Associate professor Malin Arve, NHH
Phone: +47 55 95 91 52



  • Senior Researcher Afsaneh Bjorvatn (SNF)
  • Senior Rearcher Per Heum (SNF)
  • Senior Researcher Armando José Garcia Pires (SNF)
  • Researcher Frode Skjeret (SNF)
  • Postdoctoral Reseacher Ole-Andreas Næss (SNF)
  • Associate Professor Carsten Gero Bienz (NHH/SNF)
  • Professor Kurt Richard Brekke (NHH/SNF)
  • Professor Øystein Foros (NHH/SNF)
  • Professor Arnt Ove Hopland (NHH/SNF)
  • Professor Hans Jarle Kind (NHH/SNF)
  • Associate Professor Michael Kisser (NHH/SNF)
  • Associate Professor Aksel Mjøs (NHH/SNF)
  • Professor Jarle Møen (NHH/SNF)
  • Professor Øivind Anti Nilsen (NHH/SNF)
  • Associate Professor Emeritus Karl Rolf Pedersen (NHH/SNF)
  • Professor Guttorm Schjelderup (NHH/SNF)
  • Associate Professor Morten Sæthre (NHH/SNF)
  • Professor Lars Sørgard (NHH/SNF)