Vit Procházka

Vit Procházka

Postdoctoral Researcher

Telefon: +47 486 41 374
Akademisk tittel: PhD

Research interest:

- Shipping economics
- AIS data
- Stochastic programming
- Logistics optimization


Procházka, V. (2018). Uncertainty Modeling and Spatial Positioning in Tramp Shipping. PhD thesis, Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen, Norway.

Procházka, V., & Wallace, S.W. (2018). Stochastic programs with binary distributions: structural properties of scenario trees and algorithms, Computational Management Science, 1-14.            

Šomplák, R., Pavlas, M., Kropáč, J., Putna, O., & Procházka, V. (2014). Logistic model-based tool for policy-making towards sustainable waste management, Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, 16(7): 1275-1286.

Work in progress:

Procházka, Vit; Adland, Roar; Wolff Francois-Charles. Contracting decisions in the oil transportation market: Evidence from fixtures matched with AIS data

Procházka, Vit; Adland, Roar; Wallace, Stein William. The value of foresight in the drybulk freight market

Procházka, Vit; Wallace, Stein William. Scenario tree construction driven by heuristic solutions of the optimization problem

Research project:

SMARTDIGITAL, Smart  digital  contracts  and  commercial  management