Alexander Jakubanecs

Alexander Jakubanecs

Associate Professor Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

Telefon: +47 55 58 57 52
Akademisk tittel: PhD

Research interests

  • Brand management
  • International marketing
  • Cross-cultural psychology
  • Consumer psychology

Selected publications

  • Jakubanecs, A., Fedorikhin, A. and Iversen, N.M. (2018). Consumer responses to hedonic food products: Healthy cake or indulgent cakes Could dialecticism be the answer? Journal of Business Research, 91, 221-232.
  • Jakubanecs, A., Supphellen, M. and Helgeson, J.G. (2017). Crisis Management across Borders: Effects of a Crisis Event on Consumer Responses and Communication Strategies in Norway and Russia. Journal of East-West Business, 1-23.
  • Jakubanecs, A. (2015). Internasjonale utfordringer ved eksport av norske matvarer og import av utenlandske matvarer - et markedsperspektiv. I Iversen, N.M. (red.): Norske matvarer - Verdier, muligheter og utfordringer, kap. 9, 165-186. Fagbokforlaget.
  • Jakubanecs, A. and Supphellen, M. (2016). Cultural Embeddedness of Products: A New Measurement of Culture and its Effects. International Journal of Market Research, 58(2), 301-324.
  • Jakubanecs, A. and Supphellen, M. (2012). Holistic versus Analytic Thinkers in the West: Differential Reliance on Logos in Cognition- and Feelings-Based Product Evaluations. Advances in Consumer Research, Vol. 39.
  • Jakubanecs, A. and Supphellen, M. (2012). Blank Endorsement: The Added Value of Unknown Corporate Brands. Journal of Brand Management, 19(9), 788-800.
  • Troye, S.V., Supphellen, M. and A. Jakubanecs (2012). The Consumer as a Co-Producer and Prosumer: Convenience Food Marketing. In Rudolph, T., Schlegelmilch, B., Bauer, A., Franch, J. and Meise, J.N. (eds.): Marketing Challenges in a Diverse European Market - Text and Cases. Wiesbaden: Gabler Verlag. 
  • Jakubanecs, A. and Patosha, O. (2011). A Test of Universality of the Relationship between Self-Construal and Impulsive Consumption: the Case of Russia. Advances in Consumer Research, 38.
  • Jakubanecs, A. and Supphellen, M. (2010). Brand Positioning Strategies in Russia: Regional Differences in the Importance of Corporate Endorsement and Symbolic Brand Attributes. Journal of East-West Business, 16(4): 286-302. Link 
  • Jakubanecs, A., Supphellen, M. and Thorbjørnsen, H. (2005). Slavic Brothers or Rivals? Effects of Consumer Ethnocentrism on the Trade between the Ukraine and Russia. Journal of East-West Business, 10(4), 55-78.

Selected work in progress

  • Jakubanecs, A. and Supphellen, M.: "Deciding When and How to Use Corporate Endorsement for International Product Brands: Toward a Managerial Framework".
  • Jakubanecs, A., Supphellen, M. and Helgeson, J.G.: "Cross-National Marketing Communication Strategies in a Crisis: The Differential Role of Authority Endorsement".
  • Holistic versus Analytic Thinkers: Differential Reliance on Logos in Cognition- and Feelings-Based Product Evaluations (with M. Supphellen).
  • Effects of Dialecticism on Consumer Perceptions of Products with Conflicting Goals (with A. Fedorikhin and N. Iversen).
  • The Dark Side of Independence and the Bright Side of Interdependence: Effects of Vertical Individualism-Collectivism on Consumer Ethics (with J.G. Helgeson).
  • The South-North Divide in International Marketing. How Consumers' Associations with South vs. North Affect their Product Evaluations (with I. Makienko).
  • Patterns of Emotional Brand Experiences across Cultures (with M. Supphellen, H.-M. Haugen and N. Sivertstøl).

Selected research projects

  • Understanding customers and brands in international markets: Development of qualitative and quantitative tool boxes for use in SMART. Industry project with Telenor.
  • Digital trust building in self-service systems. Industry project with Tryg.
  • Development of a beta digital service innovation in Storebrand to induce customers to start and maintain retirement saving. Industry project with Storebrand.
  • Customer as a co-producer and co-creator: Challenges and opportunities for the brand of Toro.
  • Effect of origin logos on sales, purchase intentions, and price perceptions of consumer exports.
  • Jarlsberg as an international brand: Framework for positioning and brand attributes.
  • Effects of negative information on Norway's oil-drilling on the reputation of Norwegian fish in central export markets.