Shipping and Logistics

Shipping and logistics are important for Norway for two obvious reasons: Norwegian shipping and maritime services’ position in international markets and the fact that Norway is very dependent on efficient transport and logistics domestically. While the two research areas (shipping economics and logistics) have developed somewhat separately within academia, maritime transportation is obviously a key part of most global logistics systems.

The Shipping and Logistics research group at SNF comprises both theoretical and empirical maritime transport and logistics research in close co-operation with the Norwegian and international maritime industry. Having leading scholars in both economics and operations research within the group sets us apart from more technically-focused groups at other institutions in Norway and internationally. We believe that the most challenging questions and innovative research will arise where the two areas intersect – such as optimizing decisions under uncertainty subject to more realistic models of market behaviour.

The research group comprises highly experienced researchers within the fields of operations research and shipping economics, but also young researchers and PhD students with top analytical skills. The group covers a wide range of joint research projects funded by Norwegian industry partners, the Bergen Shipowners’ Association and the Research Council of Norway.

Selected projects

  • SHIPTRACK - Improving ship and cargo tracking with multi-source spatial data 
  • AUTLOG - Logistics and Economics of Autonomous Vessels 
  • SMARTDIGITAL - Smart digital contracts and commercial management 
  • REEALSEA - Real energy efficiency and emissions in the seaway 
  • GREENSHIPRISK - Green shipping under uncertainty 
  • CARGOMAP - Mapping vessel behavior and cargo flows
  • OPTINORFARM - Economic and Environmental Optimization of Norwegian Farms

Research Director

Professor Haiying Jia, NHH
Phone: +47 55 95 94 67