Industrial Organization and Competition Policy


The research program conducts studies of competition and firm strategy in specific markets. The aim of the program is to contribute to the understanding of how competition works in order to improve firm profitability and design of competition policy and specific market regulation to ensure effective competition and economic efficiency.


The research program covers a wide set of projects for private companies, public government bodies, and the Norwegian Research council, covering several industries such as telecommunication, media, shipping, pharmaceuticals, etc., but also competition policy more generally. Below we list some recent projects:

• Industrial organization and competition policy (Norwegian Research Council)
• Improving competition policy (Norwegian Research Council)
• Telecom and media (Telenor, NRK, TV2 Group)
• Comparative analysis on the role and the funding of public broadcasters (TV2 Group)
• Understanding customers and brands in international markets (Telenor)


The research program comprises a large group of highly experienced researchers within the field of industrial organization and competition policy, but also several young researchers with top analytical skills.

Program director: Professor Frode Steen, NHH
Phone: +47 55 95 92 59

• Kenneth Fjell (professor, NHH)
• Øystein Foros (professor, NHH)
• Tommy S. Gabrielsen (professor, UiB)
• Haiying Jia (senior researcher, SNF)
• Hans Jarle Kind (professor, NHH)
• Eirik Kristiansen (professor, NHH)
• Siri P. Strandenes (professor, NHH)
• Armando J. Garcia Pires (researcher, SNF)
• Frode Skjeret (researcher, SNF)
• Lars Sørgard (The Competition Authority)
• Roar Os Ådland (professor, NHH)
• Odd Rune Straume (professor, University of Minho)
• Morten Sæthre (researcher, NHH)