Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment (ENE)

Research on fisheries, agriculture, energy and the environment has a long tradition at SNF and NHH. More recently, issues related to climate change have also gained importance.

Within the fisheries, economic research issues have varied over time, but the basic question has always been how to improve the economic conditions in the fisheries sector while having a sustainable exploitation of fisheries resources.

Over time, new themes emerged such as economic research related to fish farming and aquaculture from the early 80's and issues related to climate change and the effects of global warming in relation to fisheries management in the recent past.
Agricultural research focuses on the economic analysis of policy instruments in relation to the policy objectives and public goods related to agricultural activity (cultural and food security). Development and application of numerical models are central to this research.
The themes in research on climate and energy have varied over time, but one important common denominator has been economically sustainable and effective solutions. The research is centered around the basic expertise in economics at NHH and the University of Bergen. 

Focus in fisheries:

Some specific issues that are relevant today and for yours to come:

  1. Climate change, global warming and fisheries
  2. Economics of aquaculture and fish farming
  3. Incentive-based management; markets for allowances and ownership rights
  4. Capacity adaptation, fleet structure and catch distribution
  5. Analysis of supply and demand of fish and fish products
  6. Environmental impacts of fishing and aquaculture

Focus in agriculture:

Specific issues (see also

  1. Trade policy issues related to developments in the WTO
  2. Agriculture as a producer of public goods such as landscape and food security
  3. Impacts on agriculture of climate change and climate policy
  4. Model analyses focused on the entire food industry
  5. Sustainable regional policy 

Focus in energy and climate:

The research in this program relate to three areas:

Public Finance: Primarily regulation related to market popwer and environmental impacts, but also tax policy issues have been important themes in the program.

Industrial organization: Research on aspects such as imperfect competition, research and development, and the effects of asymmetric information have been important.

Financial Economics: In particular, the understanding of the financial markets for financing, risk management and corporate governance and controls were important.

Program Director: Professor Stein Ivar Steinshamn
Phone: + 47 55 95 92 58

Selected projects:

  • Nordic Strategic Adaptation Research (NORD - STAR)
  • Intermittent Renewables, Balancing Services and Electricity
  • Strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emission in Norwegian agriculture
  • Biodiversity and Nature Index: Understanding, adaptive planning
  • A General Age-structured Model for Ecosystem Management (AGAMEM)
  • International Management of Pelagic Fisheries in the North East Atlantic
  • Salomon Lice. The effect on reputation, economics and industry
  • Salomon price cycles
  • Risk, Endogenous Preferences and Investment Behavior in Norway

Associated researchers:

  • Professor Frank Asche, UiS
  • Professor Endre Bjørndal, NHH
  • Professor Mette Bjørndal, NHH
  • Professor Trond Bjørndal, SNF/Høgskolen i Ålesund
  • Professor Rolf Jens Brunstad, NHH
  • Senior Researcher Nils-Arne Ekerhovd, SNF
  • Professor Gunnar Eskeland, NHH
  • Associate professor Ivar Gaasland, Handelshøyskolen BI
  • Professor Atle Guttormsen, UMB
  • Professor Rögnvaldur Hannesson, NHH
  • Senior Researcher Sturla Kvamsdal, SNF
  • Professor Snorre Lindset, NTNU
  • Stud.ass. Felix Morency-Lavoie, NHH
  • Professor Linda Nøstbakken, NHH
  • Professor Petter Osmundsen, UiS
  • Post.doc. Diwakar Poudel, SNF/NHH
  • Professor Leif Kristoffer Sandal, NHH
  • Researcher Frode Skjeret, SNF
  • Professor Ragnar Tveterås, UiS
  • Professor Sigbjørn Tveterås, UiS
  • Professor Steinar Vagstad, UiB
  • Professor Erling Vårdal, UiB
  • Professor Roar Os Ådland, NHH