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International Journal of Managing Projects in Business (2019) A fine balance? Unwrapping the coexistence of projects and non-projects in the core of the organization
Torstein Nesheim
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Magma, nr. 8, 63-70 (2019) Algoritme-aversjon
Hallgeir Sjåstad
R04/19 Management of North-East Artic Cod: An Age-structured Multi-Fleet Analysis
Rasmus Noss Bang
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R03/19 Samhandling i virituelle team
Kristian Westbye Ølstad og Ola Ringen
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Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 130, 517-528 (2019) Transport services and the valuation of flexibility over business cycles
Jostein Tvedt
Magma, nr. 7, 16-19 (2019) Globalisering og verdiskaping i norsk økonomi
Per Heum
Magma, nr. 7, 30-39 (2019) Global verdiskaping fra et lokalt perspektiv - Hvordan håndterer ansatte at oppgaver flyttes ut?
Julie Salthella Ågnes
A05/19 Eierskap i norsk oppdrettsnæring
Linda Nøstbakken og Simon Flatebø Selle
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Aquaculture Economics & Management (2019) Economic analysis of land based farming of salmon
Trond Bjørndal and Amalie Tusvik
Aquaculture Economics & Management, 23(3), 341-357 (2019) Are farmed European seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax) prices in European Union markets affected by Turkish exports of farmed European seabass?
Trond Bjørndal, Jordi Guillen and Ferit Rad
Transportation Research Part D, 74, 318-338 (2019) Can an Emission Trading Scheme really reduce CO2 emissions in the short term? Evidence from a maritime fleet composition and deployment model
Yewen Gu, Stein W. Wallace and Xin Wang
Transportation Research Part A, 130, 37-53 (2019) Contracting decisions in the crude oil transportation market: Evidence from fixtures matched with AIS data
Vit Prochazka, Roar Adland and Francois-Charles Wolff
Transport Reviews (2019) How big data enriches maritime research - a critical review of Automatic Identification System (AIS) data applications
Dong Yang, Lingxiao Wu, Shuaian Wang, Haiying Jia and Kevin X. Li
Journal of Commodity Markets (2019) Commodity market flexibility and financial derivatives
Jostein Tvedt
Militær ledelse (red. Rino Bandlitz Johansen, Thomas Hol Fosse og Ole Boe) (2019) Kriseledelse i en militær kontekst
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