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International Journal Environmental Research and Public Health, 18, 10680 (2021) Changes in Physical Activity are Associated with Corresponding Changes in Psychological Well-Being: A Pandemic Case Study
Micael Dahlen, Helge Thorbjørnsen, Hallgeir Sjåstad, Petra von Heideken Wågert, Charlotta Hellström, Birgitta Kerstis, Daniel Lindberg, Jonas Stier and Maria Elvén
Marine Policy, 135, 104829 (2021) The effect of introducing fuel tax to the Norwegian fishery industry
Kristin Helen Roll, Frank Asche and Trond Bjørndal
Transportation Research Part E 155, 102495 (2021) Generating bunkering statistics from AIS data: A machine learning approach
Gabriel Fuentes
The Manchester School (2021) Net neutrality and content provision
Armando J. Garcia Pires
The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science (2021) Gaining and Training a Digital Colleague: Employee Responses to Robotization
Julie S. Ågnes
Maritime Policy & Management (2021) Emissions from container vessels in the port of Singapore
Nguyen Khoi Tran, Jasmine Siu Lee Lam, Haiying Jia and Roar Adland
Maritime Policy & Management (2021) Statistical arbitrage in the freight options market
Roar Adland, Lars Eirik Anestad and Bjarte Abrahamsen
Journal of Environmental Management, 300, 113794 (2021) Scenarios of profitability of western Mediterranean demersal fisheries in an effort control regime
Negar Akbari, Francesc Maynou, Trond Bjørndal, Pierre Failler, Benjamin Drakeford and Andy Forse
Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, 154, 1-16 (2021) Operational benefits of autonomous vessels in logistics - A case of autonomous water-taxis in Bergen
Yewen Gu and Stein William Wallace
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 183, 129-157 (2021) Understanding the resource curse: A large-scale experiment on corruption in Tanzania
Alexander Wright Cappelen, Odd-Helge Fjeldstad, Donald Mmari, Ingrid Hoem Sjursen and Bertil Tungodden
Marine Policy, 125 (2021) Control activities and compliance behavior - Survey evidence from Norway
Florian Klaus Diekert, Linda Nøstbakken and Andries Peter Richter
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2021) Setting goals for keystone habits improves labor market prospects and life satisfaction for unemployed youth: Experimental evidence from Norway
Kjetil Bjorvatn, Mathias Ekström and Armando J. Garcia Pires
Agribusiness (2021) Perish or prosper: Trade patterns for highly perishable seafood products
Frank Asche, Hans-Martin Straume and Erling Vårdal
Maritime Policy & Management Second-hand vessel valuation: an extreme gradient boosting approach
Roar Adland, Haiying Jia, Hans Christian Olsen Harvei and Julius Jørgensen
International Journal of Managing Projects in Business (2021) Exploring the resource manager role in a project-based organization
Torstein Nesheim

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