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A05/20 Product quality investment co-operation and sharing among downstream rivals: An application to mobile telecommunications
Øystein Foros, Bjørn Hansen and Thibaud Vergé
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A04/20 Copyright Protection in the Digital Single Market
Frank Stähler and Leander Stähler
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Self and Identity (2020) Social exclusion reduces happiness by creating expectations of future rejection
Hallgeir Sjåstad, Ming Zhang, Andreas Espegren Masvie and Roy Baumeister
Social Psychological and Personality Science (2020) Future-Orientation (as Trait and State) Promotes Reputation-Protective Choice in Moral Dilemmas
Andrew J. Vonasch and Hallgeir Sjåstad
A03/20 Brexit and the Consequences for Fisheries Management in the North Sea
Trond Bjørndal and Gordon R. Munro
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ABACUS (2020) Risk Management as Passionate Imitation: The Interconnections Among Emotions, Performance Metrics, and Risk in a Global Technology Firm
Martin Carlsson-Wall, Katarina Kaarbøe, Kalle Kraus, and Anita Meidell
Beta, 34(1), 43-67 (2020) Someone to Lean On: First-Line Managers' Change Agency Across Distance
Silje Rydland Skaar
Beta, 34(1), 5-22 (2020) Middle Managers' Role During Strategic Change: One Size Does Not Fit All
Monica Rydland
A17/15 Risk and Risk Exposure in Norwegian Fisheries
Florian K. Diekert, Linda Nøstbakken, Andries P. Richter and Frode Skjeret
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A16/15 Why do fishermen comply with regulations? The role of preferences
Florian Diekert, Linda Nøstbakken and Andries Richter
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Marine Resource Economics (2020) Delivering the Goods: The Determinants of Norwegian Seafood Exports
Hans-Martin Straume, James L. Anderson, Frank Asche and Ivar Gaasland
Aquaculture Economics & Management, 24(2), 181-193 (2020) Agglomeration and trade performance - evidence from the Norwegian salmon aquaculture industry
Ivar Gaasland, Hans-Martin Straume and Erling Vårdal
Applied Economics Letters, 27(2), 145-149 (2020) Norwegian export of farmed salmon - trade costs and market concentration
Frank Asche, Ivar Gaasland, Hans-Martin Straume and Erling Vårdal
R08/19 Håndtering av styringsutfordringer i et økosystem
Linn Jeanett Fosse og Camilla Tønsberg
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R07/19 Facilitating Innovation in an Ecosystem
Kahni Ismail and Lina Åsdahl
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