Silje Rydland Skaar

PhD Candidate

Phone:            +47 99 23 15 92
Academic title: Master of Science


Research interests  

  • Strategic change
  • Implementation processes
  • Middle and first line managers
  • Identity and sensemaking processes

PhD research project

Comparative case study of line managers in strategic change implementation in a multinational oil and gas corporation. Research interest in managing change below top levels, specifically the perspectives and practices of first line managers.

Conference papers and presentations:

  • Skaar, S. R. (2017) Someone to lean on? How first line managers mobilize vertical and horizontal support to implement strategic change. Paper accepted for presentation at the Nordic Academy of Management's 24th Annual Conference, Bodø, 23rd - 25th August 2017.
  • Skaar, S. R. (2016) First Line Managers' Divergent Discursive Positioning and Change Agency in Planned Organizational Change. Conference paper accepted for symposium presentation at the Academy of Management's 77th Annual Conference, Atlanta, 4th - 8th August 2017.
  • Skaar, S. R. (2016) Challenges and Contributions of First Line Managers as Change Agents, paper accepted for presentation at FIBE, 5. - 6. January 2017.
  • Skaar, S. R. (2016) PhD Research Proposal, Doctoral Colloquium, FIBE, 7. - 8. January 2016.

Research project affiliations:

  • ACTION Research Project - SNF/NHH (2015-)